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“If you believe we are energy. Energy doesn’t have an identity.
It doesn’t posses an ego. It is just pure energy.
We are pure energy.”

Why choose an integrated approach
Pilates – Fitness – Nutrition

I trust that mental, physical and spiritual health are deeply connected and what I really wish to offer my clients is an experience of oneness.

This is why in each class, I integrate my Pilates and Fitness knowledge, with a particular focus on breath and mindful approach.

Take the Psoas muscle, for instance.
It’s believed to allow us to connect with the present moment, especially when it’s stretched out and tension is released from the body.
Different muscles, and how we take care of them, play different roles both in physical health and mental wellbeing.

Start taking care of yourself NOW.
NOW is the only moment you have.
It’s NOW or never.
There’s no next time, no second chances. Work hard and achieve anything, aim higher, dream bigger and be grateful.

Mindbodysoul Retreat

The first Mindbodysoul Retreat in Maldives went beyond any expectations!
I’m so ready for the next one!

If you’re interested in joining me for a few days of pure wellness, mindful workouts, relax and great food, stay up to date and inquire now, as I’m about to announce the next one!

Classes on demand coming soon…

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